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Philipp Kling

Hello! I´m Philipp, a Photographer and Videographer featured in the Austrian Selfmade Magazine and Winner of the 2021 CEWE Photo Award. Cooperating with more than 17 Companies, including one of the most prominent companies in Austria, Do&Co as well as Vienna Tourism. While visiting the LIK Academy for Photography and Media Management I've established my own photography and marketing business. I've created my own unique way of supporting and promoting companies, brands and shops. For business inquiries, feel free to send a request below:

about me

Born in Heidelberg, Germany,  I’ve graduated from a local general grammar school after which I decided to move back to where my family originated from – Vienna, Austria. As a student of Philosophy , Photography and Media Management at the University of Vienna and the “LIK ACADEMY- private school for Photography and Marketing” I soon discovered a new passion of mine – Photography. I started small, doing TFP work for small Coffee shops and friends, until I got my first job as a Photographer at a Fashion Store in the Viennese city centre. Subsequently, as the ball started rolling and more opportunities started to rise up, I was getting more and more job offers coming from private persons, brands and shops. My street photography Instagram profile started skyrocketing, generating more than 6.200.000 impressions in less than 6 Months. In May 2021, I was featured in the “Story of the Month” article of the Austrian Selfmade magazine. Soon after, as a result of my cooperation with Do&Co, my  photography was published in the Austrian Woman Magazine as well. In June 2021, I founded my own Photography business, offering services such as, but not limited to Photography, Videography and Social Media Marketing.

In 2021 I was awarded with the Austrian CEWE PHOTO Award

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Philipp Georg Kling

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